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Depending upon client’s choice and policy, antecedent’s verification can be conducted adopting either of the two modus operandi: ‘Direct’ Inquiries or ‘Indirect’ Inquiries. In direct verification, the same is done with subject’s prior knowledge and consent. In the indirect verification, inquiries are conducted in such a way that, to the extent possible, the subject would not come to know about it.

While emphasizing that Antecedents Verification is an important and crucial part of hiring process, we also fully understand that it’s a sensitive and delicate matter to be handled very cautiously. Since some of the aspects may relate to applicant’s self esteem, dignity and privacy, verification of even entry level recruits is done with due respect to these aspects. Anyway and always, investigations of senior positions are are conducted in very confidential and discreet manner. All inquiries are conducted without any favor, prejudice or malice towards anyone.

To start with, all we need from our clients is the photocopies of the subject’s resume / bio-data and documents / certificates submitted. Each case is investigated thoroughly with equal zeal, though special attention and due diligence is given, obviously and apparently, to specific / important cases as required by the client, or as deemed necessary by us on our own.

All the aspects in each case are investigated through on-the-spot personal visits by the Investigators. Wherever feasible, the information provided is supported by documentary evidence. Wherever telephonic inquiry is imperative, the same is done on verified phone / mobile nos. only with some recognizable / established authority.

In each case, the preliminary information/feedback received is filtered, double-checked and counterchecked; nothing is left to hearsay, conjecture, or generalization.’ Typically’ adverse or ‘unusually’ positive inputs received from one source at some place are crosschecked with some other, independent source at the same place (It’s mandated that if some contacted source of information gives very negative feedback about a subject, then it is assured the same is not out of prejudice or malice, and vice versa). In a nutshell, we have an elaborate and time-tested system in place, which ensures that the reports submitted by us have only authentic and bona fide contents. We stand by our reports, and we are accountable to our clients.

Reports of Local Cases are submitted within 3-4 days and the same of Outstation Cases within 6-7 working days. Urgent cases are investigated by us on top priority basis.  
  Confidential and Discreet Inquiries  
  Authentic Reports  
  Supportive Documents  
  For specific tasks in each case, we have our own Questionnaires and performas which are used for gathering the required information. Some of the forms used by us are:  
1. Address Verification Performa 2. Area / Village Head Endorsement Performa
3. Past Employment Verification Performa 4. Educational Certificate Verification Performa
5. Police Verification Performa 6. Reference Check Performa
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