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Q. What is the usefulness of Pre-employment Verification?  
A. Like Servant Verification in a Home, Employee Verification in a Company is Must.  
Q. Agreed, servant verification in a home is more or less imperative. But how come situation of a domestic servant be compared with a corporate employee?  
A. The situations are almost similar: even IAS officers are referred to as ‘Govt. Servants’. Even Police Chief of your area had to pass the process of Antecedents Verification before formally joining IPS! Like a bad servant can harm a family home, a bad employee too can cause immense trouble to a company / organization. The simple logic is: if ‘police verification’ is mandatory for all govt. jobs, the same criteria are far more pertinently relevant to private sector as well.  
Q. Do you mean we’d unethically suspect the very credentials of a person about to join us?  
A. Being careful and alert does not mean being suspicious or skeptical. You have the right to have the ‘true’ profile of recruits. If you are adopting all the of modern HR/Recruitment methodology, why avoid the universally accepted pre-employment verification practice, a key part of modern recruitment process strictly followed by most of Fortune-list companies? Prevention is always better than cure.  
Q. When, in the very first place itself, it’s not easy to get the suitable persons, despite all the ads and efforts, and when ‘retaining’ in itself is the priority, where is the scope for indulging in the ‘luxury’ of antecedent’s verification?  
A. A good employer never faces such situations, and under no situations compromise can be made with the security, reputation and integrity of your company. In any case, simply because you have urgency to fill your vacant posts, would you hire an ex-robber as security personnel at your factory? ; Would you hire a debt-ridden person as your cashier?; Would you hire an alcoholic as night shift in-charge?; Would you hire your competitor’s cousin as your personal secretary? You could, if you don’t screen the applicants before hiring them.  
Q. But we cannot defer the joining of new employees as that would hold up our deadlines?  
A. If your manpower requirements are urgent and the joining cannot be deferred, then such new recruits can be allowed to join provisionally with a specific rider that their confirmation shall be subject to Antecedents Verification. Even if the recruitment process is already gone through in past, we can verify the antecedents of the existing employees also and that too in such a discreet and circumspect manner that the whole matter remains confidential. In case of anything adverse or negative emerges about any such new-joiner or existing employee, appropriate action can always be taken, any time. It’s also surely useful in getting rid of ‘that weight-on-company’type of employees.  
Q. OK. How much it would cost to verify an applicant’s antecedents?  
A. Just a fraction of the placement charges, and it could be as low as 10% of a month’s salary. A couple of thousand spent on pre-employment verification can save you lakhs, even crores later.  
Answers to some unFAQs
# In this age of ‘Mobile Addresses ’, physical verification of ‘actual’ address is must.
# It’s always easier to monitor / trace people with verified addresses / credentials / references.
# A verified recruit is far less a potential threat to a company than an unverified one.
# Impressive CVs and excellent interview performances can be deceptive.
# No applicant admits on his/her own admits any negative/ adverse particular in CV; employer has to find it out.
# Verification helps identify some negative traits of an ‘otherwise ok’ recruit which can be useful in training/ development of the person into an asset.
# Implementation of pre-employment verification system has the same pros and cons as security checks of passengers at airports/ metro stations.
# It’s far more sensible to be known as rather ‘wary recruiter’ than later look like a ‘fooled employer’.

It’s Never Too Late


Antecedents Verification of existing employees, too, can be exceptionally  beneficial. Sometimes, it turns out to be far more relevantly useful even than pre-employment verification. How? We can give you score of answers/ ideas. Contact Us

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