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J.S.Jagdev of Jagdev Consultancy is in specific profession of Antecedents Verification because of a mission, idealistic persuasion and zeal; not just for sake of pursuing a line of occupation. In the first sight our profile may appear like one of the agencies engaged in similar profession. But we have a distinguished and unique standing because we believe in what we do; not simply because we do what we have to do by way of occupation. That’s the difference between others and us. We perform our assignments with passion and obsession; with fervor; and with enthusiasm. We are accountable to our clients with whom we stand firmly: principally, morally, and if need be, physically. Why so, Mr.J.S.Jagdev ? That can’t be elaborated here.

Jagdev Consultancy headed by J.S Jagdev, is in this profession for the last 24 year. In all these years our track record has been completely outstanding and distinguished. We have 20 full-time, regular Investigators-all very experienced and trusted employees for long. Some of our Investigators are with us since the very beginning. While most of our Investigators have the relevant backgrounds suitable for this profession, others have been trained and brought up by us. Selection, Training and Development of new Investigators is a constant process at our agency. In addition, we have on our panel many freelancers and part-timers who are professionals in their respective fields and whose services we utilize as per the requirement/workload. In short, up to around 35 Investigators are available with us at any given point of time. We are a registered agency complying with the statuary stipulations. By virtue of being in the profession where meeting all types of people is an essential part of the work, we are privileged to have countless acquaintances in trade, business and industry circles. We have an exhaustive data record. We have associates in major metros, and some of our Investigators are based at key industrial/business belts.

Client Profile
In our so far track record, we have served hundreds of large, medium and small concerns based in Delhi/NCR and all other parts of the country. With a major FMCG group, we have been associated for the last over 22 years and with a major Electrical Engineering group for the last 16 years. Similarly, we have a 16-year long association with a top Export House and over decade old one with a Tractor / Farm Equipment Major MNC. Our recent clientele include India’s No.1 Auto Maker, a leading Retail Outlets Chain, and many other top Indian and MNCs in diverse spheres and segments: Pharmaceuticals, Construction, IT, Garments, Automobiles, Heavy Engineering, Services, Finance, and so on.. And our relations with all these concerns/persons are still going strong. That itself is the testimony to our commitment and loyalty to our clients, and the same to standard and quality of our services; other wise one can not survive the tests of the time while dealing in such sensitive and complex profession where everything rotates around one word ‘FAITH‘; and faith we enjoy and enjoyed of all our clients, present and past.
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