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Jagdev Consultancy
The name - J.S.Jagdev of Jagdev Consultancy and the famous cliché -‘We Present the Past of your Future Employees’, are synonymous with the best in professional services pertaining to Pre-employment Verification, i.e. Antecedents Verification.
The concept of our services is simple: let no unscrupulous, disintegrated or deceitful person with bogus credentials and having immoral intentions could get recruited by submitting falsified bio-data to the prospective employer and later on become a menace for the whole company / organization.
Those who fake CVs are more likely to cheat/harm their firms later.
CV LIES: fudged resume inflated salaries false certificates
CONCEALED: criminal / court cases litigation with ex-employers
fraud substance abuse delinquencies
Therefore, verification of the following aspects of each applicant’s CV is must:
  ● Present / Permanent Address
● Conduct and Character
● Family Background
● Educational Credentials
● Criminal Record (Police /Court Verification)
● Financial Defaults / Desperations
● Negative Personal Traits
● Unfair Union / Association Activities
● Vice/Addiction to substance
● Previous Employment Record
● Present Employment Status /Standing
● Any case specific aspect
Jagdev Consultancy About Us
Jagdev consultancy is the leading private investigation agency of India specializing in the field of Pre-employment Verification, i.e. Antecedents Verification. Unlike many other agencies which claim themselves to be “Jack of all trades”, we take pride in calling ourselves “Master of one“: Pre-Employment, i.e. Antecedents Verification. It was way back in 1985 itself that we pioneered the very concept of Antecedents Verification in corporate circles of Delhi and whole of NCR. Today, because of our continued focus on Antecedents Verification-related segment, we are the leaders in this specific line of profession. We are experts in discreet Antecedents Verification of existing staff, too.
Jagdev Consultancy Services / Support
In our so far record, we have investigated lacs of antecedents verification–related cases. Be it the case of an unskilled worker or of an executive director, any position, we present the true picture of his or her personal, family, societal, financial, and professional backgrounds. Our services are reliable, efficient and prompt, and our reports are comprehensive and conclusive. We operate on All India basis.
Q. Why pre-employment verification is necessary?
A. Simply because Prevention is always better than Cure! Alarm is better than Firefighting! Alert is better than Uproar !
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